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Postby fishki » Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:34 pm

Flaming, hate, trashing, etc will not be tolerated on this board.

This place is intended to be a fun drama free site to post and have fun.
I put this site up and maintained it as a courtesy to every one who has joined in here, and especially for TB for letting me be a part of this community.
Some of us are still here from the beginning, we know what and how it was like when we started out. That is the way it should remain.

For those that see post that will spark a reaction, please pm me and I will delete the post.
Remember, you do not have to reply to these post. A simple pm will be enough to get the offensive post removed.

This forum very lightly modded. Most generally only posts from spambots gets deleted.
Please no nudity. Bad language in moderation is ok.

Absolutly NO advertising other sites. It will simply be deleted.
If I want advertisements, I will put up some Google Ads.

Other than that, have fun gaming.
I hate it when the voices in my head go silent.....I never know what those fuckers are up to.
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